Monday, May 31, 2010


Hey guys, so its about time we got our stuffs together and arranged specific dates and time to go painting. As far as things are going right now, Saturday seems to be the only day that works, at least for me. So this blog more or less is dedicated to our Saturday painting group.

I only invited people who have expressed interest in going painting on Saturdays. Feel free to ask people if they want to join. I was just hesitant on adding all of our friends and inflating the blog if only a fraction of them actually come out.

Off to the left I have included a list of locations, and some recommended supplies.

Each week we can vote on a location to visit. If there are conflicts we can work things out, or if only one person speaks up, then we will go where ever they specified. If no one is available I will just go myself.

We can start however early you guys want, but I would say from around 9 or 10am is a good time. As most of you know theres more color in the morning than in the afternoon, so the earlier the better, but I wont be in a hurry to jump out of bed either.

Off to the left I posted a link to my landscape portfolio page so you guys can see what I have done before on location.

I hope this ends up being a productive blog. Its tough painting in the California sun, but Im not just counting on this being a summer blog. As long as you have some of the things that I listed under recommended supplies, you should be fine.

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